What is an Area and how do I create one on Workplace?

System admins and admins with custom permissions can create Areas for Frontline users of Workplace. Areas are collections of people who belong to common criteria, like location or cost center. Areas contain a mix of people and Area coordinators.
Area coordinators have permission to manage Workplace access for people within their Area. Employees who are Area coordinators must have an email address connected to their Workplace account.
Creating an Area
To create an Area:
  1. Select Frontline from your Admin Panel.
  2. Click the Areas tab and select Add Area in the top right.
  3. Select the Area name and the area coordinators.
  4. You can add people manually or import a file to do it in bulk.
  5. You can Allow Coordinators to Request Profile Creation by selecting the toggle.
  6. Click Create.

Editing Areas
Once you have created an area, you can make changes to it like adding people, adding area coordinators or deleting the area.
To edit your area:
  1. Select Frontline from your Admin Panel.
  2. Click the Areas tab.
  3. Search by name for the area you'd like to edit.
  4. Click by the group and select Edit.
  5. Once you have made your changes, click Update.
Note: You can only create an area if Creating Profiles with Access Codes is on in the Admin Panel.
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